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If we want to build truer and deeper connections with each other, and deeper spiritual connections with God, we think we need to spend time together. Deep community is often lacking in our culture, and we're beginning to suffer from what social scientists are calling "an epidemic of loneliness." We see each other as a growing family. There's room at the table for you.



The first Christians gathered and worshiped around a communal meal. Over the centuries, a lot of traditions have grown in the church. But eating together and being comfortable while we worship is a pretty good one.

There is coffee, snacks, cough drops, tissues, and hand sanitizer, and more on hand during the service to help you feel at home. You're free to get up at any time for a refill.

Multicolor Coffees


We like to eat, and we like to eat well. Whether it's a holiday or we just want an excuse to get together, we throw several beautiful celebrations throughout the year. We eat together, laugh together, tell stories, and sometimes sing or share a bottle of wine. Life is a gift, and its meant to be celebrated with joy. Watch our calendar and social media feeds for the next Community House celebration.

Summer Family Dinner
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