Small Heading
It may sound like a boring name, but Ordinary Time is a really beautiful season. Joan Chittister describes it like this, "It is what we do routinely, not what we do rarely, that delineates our character. It is what we believe in our hearts that determines what we do regularly. It is what we bring to the nourishment of a soul that determines the kind of soul we nurture. It's what we do ordinarily, day by day, that gives an intimation of what we will do under stress. It is the daily- the way we act ordinarily, not rarely, that defines us as either kind, or angry, or faithful, or constant. No doubt about it: the daily, the normal, the regular, the common is what gives clarity to the essence of the real self."
So what's so ordinary about Ordinary Time? When we move into Ordinary Time, or the "green season" in the life of the Church, we are marking those sacred moments that so often go unnoticed, Ordinary Time gives us the celebrate the sacred Spirit of God that we see moving through the everyday moments of life.