Riverview United Presbyterian Church began in the as three separate Presbyterian congregations, and one Methodist congregation, in the city of Allegheny, PA in the early and mid-1800's. Eighth United Presbyterian Church, North Presbyterian Church and Watson Memorial Presbyterian Church were all located along the Perrysville Plank Road, which is now Perrysville Avenue. As the city of Allegheny became Pittsburgh's North Side, these three congregations grew in their ministry, service to the community, and in their life together. By the late 1800's Watson Memorial had outgrown their building, and was prepared to build a new stone church. When the time came, the old church was loaded onto carts and moved in one piece down the road from the corner of Perrysville and Riverview Avenues and into Riverview Park where it stands today as the "Chapel Shelter."


In the late 1970's, there was a fire at Eighth United Presbyterian Church. The fire department came, and were able to put it out. However, they didn't realize that it had gotten up into the rafters and eaves of the church building. Several hours later, the fire rekindled and the church burned to the ground. Shortly after, discussions began with North and Watson about merging to form one new and united body of Christ witnessing to the grace of God in our community. On October 28, 1977, the three congregations merged to form Riverview United Presbyterian Church. From that point on, we've been growing in our faith and life together. We believe that God is calling us together to share the good news of God's endless love in our community.


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